Friday, December 16, 2022

What if a robot turns the whole world into paperclips?

In my novel, Most Famous Short Film of All Time, I mentioned Nick Bostrom and I definitely mentioned paperclips, but I did not know that Nick Bostrom has his own paperclip discussions. I completely missed that!

I learned it here today:

"Or a misaligned AI might (as in the famously absurd thought experiment of philosopher Nick Bostrom) turn the entire universe into paper clips because somebody told it to make paper clips and forgot to tell it that moderation in all things is best."
"The Earthling: Out-of-control AIs are here," Nonzero, December 16, 2022

Although I admit that this was not my intended association, I declare it to be a valid interpretation of my novel. Paperclips do (as is explicit in the novel) cause the character to see ghosts. They may also indicate that the world is slowly turning into Paperclip Mountain.

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